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Study: Tiny home villages highly effective

Posted By | Raeann Boero

Catholic Charities’ Kenton Women’s Village even more successful than average

Formerly homeless people living in pod groupings like Kenton Women’s Village move into permanent housing at three times the rate of those living in more traditional homeless shelters, researchers from Portland State University have found.

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Remembering Kevin Jeans Gail, champion of Catholic social action

A man who responded to tragedy with love supports Catholic Charities of Oregon in a final act A prominent Catholic community organizer who cared fiercely about Catholic social teaching has included Catholic Charities of Oregon in his estate bequest.

Foundation supports services that work – with a personal touch

One organization that supports the work of Catholic Charities of Oregon has a knack for picking effective projects that focus closely on individuals.

Film important for today

Carmel Communications allowed Catholic Charities of Oregon to preview a new film on Mother Cabrini, the Italian nun who founded hundreds of institutions for immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She had a special focus on the United States.

‘I think it is in our DNA’

Major supporter, born the same year as Catholic Charities, reflects on her family’s long connection to the helping organization Amid the Great Depression, Catholic Charities of Oregon and Susanne Mayer entered the world. Both have offered brightness and hope even when times are tough. “I think that’s why I have such an affinity for Catholic…

Video captures 90 years for Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities of Oregon has issued a new video about its 90-year history.

Thinker calls for ‘new imagination’ on migration

One of the world’s foremost religious thinkers on migration will speak in Portland in June. The Rev. Daniel Groody’s latest book, “A Theology of Migration: The Bodies of Refugees and the Body of Christ,” includes a foreword from Pope Francis.

‘To build a more just society’ 

Portland law firm has been a stalwart helper for Catholic Charities of Oregon  Foster Garvey, a prominent Northwest law firm with offices in New York and Washington, D.C., has maintained a longstanding and generous relationship with Catholic Charities of Oregon.   The firm is advancing Catholic Charities’ immigration strategy, a project that has included meeting with…

‘I can’t imagine the church without the work you do’

Catholic Charities USA leader encourages Oregon staff The new leader of Catholic Charities USA visited Oregon in early May and thanked local workers. “I can’t imagine the church without the work you do,” Kerry Alys Robinson told employees gathered at the Catholic Charities office in Portland. “It would almost be a mockery. And it’s not…

Food pantries helping residents handle inflation

With inflation taking a bite out of everyone’s resources, Catholic Charities of Oregon has organized a vibrant food pantry program for residents of its affordable housing sites. There are weekly and monthly pantries now at five locations. The food gets donated from multiple sources, including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Oregon Food…


The fascinating life of a Ukrainian refugee in Oregon “All our family and friends — everybody — went to jail,” says Peter Vins, a former Soviet political prisoner who now works with refugees at Catholic Charities of Oregon. “They put my grandmother in jail when she was 64 and had cancer. For me growing up,…

Join an organization the promotes Latine thriving

A long-established service organization working with Oregon’s Latine community is seeking new board members to sustain its life-giving mission.   El Programa Hispano Catòlico, a member of the Catholic Charities of Oregon network, serves about 32,000 individuals annually via efforts in economic sustainability, education, community wellness, domestic violence healing and sexual violence survivor support.