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Oregon Public Broadcasting: Oregon lawmakers request $18 million to support the resettlement of 1,200 refugees

Posted By | Raeann Boero

“In a letter issued last week by Rep. Khanh Pham and Sen. Kayse Jama, the two Portland-area Democrats outlined the need for the state to invest in everything from housing assistance and case management to legal services for newly arrived Afghans.”

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Catholic Sentinel: Catholics asked to help refugees with gift cards

Catholic Charities of Oregon has been welcoming families from Afghanistan and helping them resettle in Oregon over the past several months. Catholic Charities staff have been incredibly grateful for the outpour of support from the surrounding community. One way people can continue to support resettlement efforts is by donating Fred Meyer Gift Cards.

The Oregonian: Portland's 'Transportation Wallet,' a subsidy conceived to free up parking, extended to help low-income city residents

“A program born of a plan to reduce parking needs in some of Portland’s most crowded central districts is now being used to help residents in in some of its farthest-flung neighborhoods.”

Congratulations Germaine's Kitchen and Café Graduates!

Special congratulations to our first cohort of students graduating from Germaine’s Kitchen and Café culinary training program. We could not be prouder! During their 16-weeks in the program they have learned professional culinary skills such as food safety, knife skills, sanitation and more! They’ve also been building professional skills including time-management, resume building, and customer…

Salem Reporter: Salem now has its own refugee resettlement agency

Salem for Refugees, having recently achieved nonprofit designation, is now officially 1 of 4 refugee resettlement agencies in the state of Oregon.

Catholic Sentinel: Fires pose danger to homeless, neighbors

Chief Program Officer, Rose Bak, spoke with the Catholic Sentinel regarding the most recent of three fires this fall occurring in abandoned buildings occupied by individuals experiencing homelessness.

Catholic New York: ‘The Border Is Everywhere’ Asylum Initiative Begins in New York

Catholic Charities of Oregon was featured in Catholic New York as a partner in the pilot project “The Border is Everywhere”.

Catholic Sentinel: Gift drive for children starting

Catholic Charities of Oregon’s annual Client Christmas Event is upon us. Every year Catholic Charities partners with local business to supply toys and other gifts for our client’s families during the holiday season.

Oregon Vaccine News: Magic COVID-19 team Brings vaccination confidence to Oregon and across the world

Catholic Charities of Oregon was recently featured in Oregon Vaccine News for efforts in ensuring refugees have access to information & resources related to the COVID-19 vaccine. Little did we know that our intentional approach and the incredible work from our COVID-19 Community Engagement Specialists would have a global impact.”

The Oregonian: Fleeing Chaos, Afghan family finds open arms in Portland's Cully Neighborhood

Catholic Charities of Oregon continues to welcome families from Afghanistan resettling here in Portland.

Catholic Sentinel: New Catholic Charities culinary training program feeds souls and stomachs

The Catholic Sentinel recently did a story on our very own Germaine’s Kitchen and Café (GKC).

Welcome Ramin Raheel!

Welcome Ramin Raheel who joined Catholic Charities of Oregon (CCO), September 13, as our Refugee Services Case Manager I!

Gail's Story of Hope

Today is World Homeless Day. With the goal of transitioning to permanent housing, Catholic Charities of Oregon gives those living outside the resources and support they need to build lasting stability and self-sufficiency. In honor of World Homeless Day, today we’d like to share a story of hope.