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‘I can’t imagine the church without the work you do’

Posted By | Raeann Boero

Catholic Charities USA leader encourages Oregon staff

The new leader of Catholic Charities USA visited Oregon in early May and thanked local workers.

“I can’t imagine the church without the work you do,” Kerry Alys Robinson told employees gathered at the Catholic Charities office in Portland. “It would almost be a mockery. And it’s not just for the soul of the church but for the soul of the nation.”

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DIY weatherization: Empowering residents with cost effective and practical solutions

On Dec. 12, a DIY Weatherization Workshop took place at Catholic Charities of Oregon’s Sacred Heart Villa, thanks to a collaborative effort between the Community Energy Project and the Energy Trust of Oregon, with support from Catholic Charities. The event aimed to equip attendees with practical knowledge on energy efficiency, weatherization, and cost-effective strategies to…

A watershed moment for affordable housing

Happy Valley development marks 1,000th for housing bond and sets the pace for Oregon small towns PORTLAND, Ore. (11/6/23) — Catholic Charities of Oregon on Monday opened 142 units of affordable housing in Happy Valley. The area has transformed in recent decades from farmland to suburban small town.