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Catholic Charities of Oregon Board of Directors & Senior Staff Leadership

Our Executive Leaders

Natalie Wood

Executive Director
Rose Bak

Rose Bak

Chief Program Officer
Marci Pierce

Marci Pierce

Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Wendy Marsh

Chief Development Officer

John Tamminga

Vice President, Community Development & Housing
Susan Petitt

Susan Petitt

Vice President, Human Resources

Our Board of Directors

Jeffrey K. Yandle

First Republic Private Wealth Management
Senior Managing Director
Ngoc-Chau Ngo

Ngoc-Chau Ngo

Immediate Past Chair
Business Operations Manager

Tatiana Centurion

Oregon State Department of Human Services
Social Services Specialist

Scott Jonsson, Esq.

Jonsson Dispute Resolution
Owner, Mediator & Arbitrator

Steve Fein

Moss Adams LLP
Regional Managing Partner - Oregon

Antoinette Awuakye

Cambia Health Solutions
Sr. Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Donna Charko

Donna Charko

Catholic Community Services of Lane County
Board of Directors

Matthew Colley

Black Helterline, LLP
Associate Attorney

Camerina Galván

African Youth and Community Org.
Development Manager
Pedro Garcia

Pedro Garcia

Chiles Foundation
Colleen Gardner – Catholic Charities of Oregon

Colleen Gardner

Senior Product Developer (retired)

Debby K. Gentzen

Oregon Region at Providence
Chief Strategy Officer

Mary-Elizabeth Harper

Catholic Youth Organization/Camp Howard
Board of Directors
Francis Kham – Catholic Charities of Oregon

Francis Kham

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization-IRCO
Community Education Worker

Herbert A. Medina, Ph.D.

University of Portland
Provost and Acting President

Robin Moodie

Archdiocesan Pastoral Center
Manager, Marketing and Communications

Rev. Hans Mueller

St. Juan Diego Church

Gretel M. Ness

Parker Butte & Lane PC
Immigration Attorney/Partner

Tim Resch

Samuels Yoelin Kanter LLP
Managing Partner

Most Reverend Alexander K. Sample

Archdiocesan Pastoral Center
Archbishop of Portland in Oregon

Sister Veronica Schueler, FSE

Archdiocese of Portland

Most Rev. Peter Smith

Archdiocesan Pastoral Center
Auxiliary Bishop & Moderator of the Curia