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Migrant Services

The Catholic Church recognizes the right of all nations to control their borders and the flow of migrants within. At the same time, the church recognizes the right of individuals to migrate in search of safety and security, which often means leaving one’s country of origin.

Many of the individuals and families we assist have fled war, gang violence, persecution and/or domestic violence. We help migrants in Oregon who are refugees, asylees, and Trafficking Victim Visa and Special Immigration Visa holders to follow the legal pathways to citizenship set up by Congress. Society depends on agencies like Catholic Charities; without vibrant resettlement services like ours, the immigration process would be chaotic for everyone.

We offer:

  • Support in housing
  • Support in employment
  • Education in inculturation to the United States
  • Attentive individual case management to help with all needs of the household.
  • Expert legal assistance

Immigration Legal Services

Founded in 1996, our Immigration Legal Services division works to protect individuals and maintain and reunify families in need.

Refugee Services

Catholic Charities provides refugee resettlement and case management services to individuals and families who seek to make Oregon their new home.

Catholic Charities receives Trillium Community Health Plan grant for refugee health

Posted By | Catholic Charities Communications
Funding is part of a program to support local projects advancing equity in health care Catholic Charities of Oregon has received a Trillium Community Benefit Initiative grant from Trillium Community Health Plan (Trillium). With the grant, Catholic Charities is supporting the health and wellbeing of refugees federal authorities have approved for residency here.

‘It’s freedom, a chance to expand’

Posted By | Catholic Charities Communications
Catholic Charites refugee team partners with local organization that provides free bicycles More than 50 Portland-area refugees served by Catholic Charities of Oregon will be rolling through spring with new or refurbished bicycles, helmets and locks. That’s thanks to a consortium of cycle-minded nonprofits. The volunteers from Reborn Bikes want to share their two-wheeled joy…

Thinker calls for ‘new imagination’ on migration

Posted By | Catholic Charities Communications
One of the world’s foremost religious thinkers on migration will speak in Portland in June. The Rev. Daniel Groody’s latest book, “A Theology of Migration: The Bodies of Refugees and the Body of Christ,” includes a foreword from Pope Francis.


Posted By | Catholic Charities Communications
Federal authorities have approved a number of large refugee families for arrival in Portland this month, and Catholic Charities of Oregon has been asked to help them resettle.