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Catholic Charities receives Trillium Community Health Plan grant for refugee health

Posted by | Catholic Charities Communications

Funding is part of a program to support local projects advancing equity in health care

Catholic Charities of Oregon has received a Trillium Community Benefit Initiative grant from Trillium Community Health Plan (Trillium). With the grant, Catholic Charities is supporting the health and wellbeing of refugees federal authorities have approved for residency here.

Catholic Charities’ mission is to find lasting solutions to poverty for people who are the most vulnerable. The agency seeks to help people achieve stability, build social connections, and reach their highest potential. That includes 350 to 400 newly arrived refugees each year.

A refugee consults with a health team at Kateri Park, a Catholic Charities affordable housing site.

As part of the Refugee Services program, Catholic Charities is providing health care navigation, housing placement and retention support, cultural orientation, benefits enrollment assistance, connections to a primary care physician and/or mental health counseling, support enrolling children in school, referrals for English language learning and employment assistance.

In addition, refugee clients receive airport pickup and transport to housing, interpretation services as needed, culturally appropriate starter pantry and food items, along with starter apartment kits containing things like cleaning supplies and small household items.

“We at Catholic Charities are honored to be one of the recipients of a Trillium Community Benefit Initiative grant,” says Claudia Munoz, director of the Refugee Services program. “With the grant, we’ll be able to expand our work in serving the community and bridging the gap of health care through many supports that are vital for overall health and wellbeing. When we support the health and wellbeing of individuals and families, our entire community is healthier.”

Trillium awarded Community Benefit Initiative grant funds to local organizations that improve health for Oregon Health Plan members.

“Trillium is committed to collaborating with local organizations to increase access to integrated, culturally responsive health care services for our members and for the community as a whole,” said Kendra Pennington, manager of community engagement and health equity for Trillium Community Health Plan. “We’re proud to make this investment in innovative partnerships that will help advance health equity and build healthy communities throughout Oregon.”

On-site health help

Catholic Charities also provides residents of its housing with on-site food pantries with healthy choices and on-site health fairs. Those health-linked offerings are part of a larger community services effort aimed at helping people stayed housed and healthy.