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Our Impact

We believe in making a difference. Since 1933, Catholic Charities has provided comprehensive care and services for people in need so that their lives are improved and their dignity is honored. In partnership with volunteers, local businesses, partner agencies and local government, we reach thousands of people every year with compassionate care. The power of our impact is felt throughout the community each day as we work tirelessly to break the cycle of poverty.

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2022 impact report
2021 impact report
2020 impact report


Our Calling

We address the immediate needs of our clients while supporting social changes that address the root causes of poverty and injustice. Through charitable works and justice advocacy – the primary demands of our faith identity – we empower those we serve to enjoy full participation in the community.

Each year, we work with individuals and families across more than 27 counties in the Pacific Northwest to provide the support they need to thrive in a dynamic and volatile world. From refugee resettlement to homeless and housing services, removal defense to trauma-informed counseling, the myriad of services provided by Catholic Charities, in partnership with donors, volunteers, and corporate and community leaders, provides relief to thougsands of men, women, and children every year.


A note from our executive director

Posted By | Natalie Wood, Executive Director

Catholic Charities receives Trillium Community Health Plan grant for refugee health

Posted By | Catholic Charities Communications
Funding is part of a program to support local projects advancing equity in health care Catholic Charities of Oregon has received a Trillium Community Benefit Initiative grant from Trillium Community Health Plan (Trillium). With the grant, Catholic Charities is supporting the health and wellbeing of refugees federal authorities have approved for residency here.

Foundation supports services that work – with a personal touch

Posted By | Catholic Charities Communications
One organization that supports the work of Catholic Charities of Oregon has a knack for picking effective projects that focus closely on individuals.

Film important for today

Posted By | Ed Langlois, Communications Director
Carmel Communications allowed Catholic Charities of Oregon to preview a new film on Mother Cabrini, the Italian nun who founded hundreds of institutions for immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She had a special focus on the United States.