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A note from our executive director

Posted By | Raeann Boero
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‘We used to be your neighbors’

Formerly homeless women address misconceptions about people on the streets Three Portland women who once were homeless stepped forward May 18 to dispel myths about the difficult life.

Amazon donates and hopes to be a job source

Crews from a North Portland Amazon warehouse and distribution center on March 27 donated household items to Catholic Charities’ Kenton Women’s Village, with a promise of more to come. Amazon also wants to create a job pipeline from the tiny home village.

Builders give back

Volunteer team spruces up Kenton Women’s Village Thanks to crew of about 30 employees from the local homebuilding industry, a tiny home community run by Catholic Charities of Oregon got a free spring update.


We highlight not only Amanda Gorman as a Catholic woman of note, but our own villagers at Kenton Women’s Village and the ladies who are part of our Housing Transitions Program. They are seeking to make the move from homelessness to stability and are climbing hills with great zeal.

‘To show care’

Catholic Charities outreach to homeless campers saves lives, builds relationships and can offer a path to housing Splayed on cold damp cement, the man had a face that was quickly turning the color of a raincloud. A woman’s screams for help echoed off the brick buildings of Portland’s Old Town.

Catholic Charities workers braved cold to help at shelters

During January’s deadly cold in Oregon, two Catholic Charities of Oregon workers risked their safety to volunteer at area warming shelters. Honor Hehn and Korin Kanzler traveled to the shelters in unprecedented slipperiness, braving falls in treacherous ice left by freezing rain. Fifteen people died in the area. Broken wrists, elbows and hips surged in…

'Filling to the soul'

Nothing expresses love like a good meal, tenderly prepared. Chris Ideson, founder and head chef of CI Lifestyle Meals in Portland, has been dishing out helpings of tender regard at Kenton Women’s Village, a tiny home community operated by Catholic Charities of Oregon.

Remembering Katie by taking breakfast to the streets

On July 6, Catholic Charities outreach staff and volunteers will stride into the morning and pass out sack breakfasts to houseless people on Portland’s inner east side.

Love shows in lunch

Catholic Sisters bring monthly meal to clients of Catholic Charities BEAVERTON — Each month, the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon here serve Jesus through the clacking of kitchen knives, the whir of a blender and the whoosh of a whisk.

Monastery property to continue as space for service and love

MOUNT ANGEL — Like many of Oregon’s elders, the Benedictine Sisters are downsizing. They are selling the four-story monastery that has housed generations of nuns since 1888. They have bequeathed most of their ministries to younger hands. By the end of May, all the remaining sisters will have moved from their 30-acre campus to nearby…

Counting when everybody counts

Meeting people who are houseless is not new for Julia Paulsen and Caitlin Gleeson. As staff for Catholic Charities of Oregon, their weekly work includes outreach and encounters with houseless people in the busy area around St. Francis Parish in inner Southeast Portland. The pair bring water, snacks, socks and other gear prized by people…

Lunch among ladies

March 8, is International Women’s Day! To celebrate, we’d like to share with you this video and beautiful story from the women of Kenton.