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Join us!

We are proud of our healthy work culture at Catholic Charities of Oregon. Our approach includes everything from support for continuing training and education to a strong focus on allowing each employee to own their job and become a thought leader in their area of service. We take care of our employees so they can take care of others.

If you’re considering working with Catholic Charities of Oregon, please click below to view our job openings and fill out an application. We’d love to meet you.

For career opportunities at CYO Camp Howard, please click here. Check back soon for more opportunities from our partner agencies.

Commitment to Diversity

This is the place to make your mark. Catholic Charities of Oregon is an Equal Opportunity employer and actively complies with both the spirit and the intent of all state, federal and local laws regarding employment opportunity. Because we serve and employ everyone regardless of race, creed or orientation, Catholic Charities of Oregon in Portland, Oregon is a diverse work environment, filled with a wide range of thought leaders and effective, dedicated social change-makers.