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Homeless Services

With the goal of transitioning to permanent housing, Catholic Charities of Oregon gives those living outside the resources and support they need to build lasting stability and self-sufficiency.

Empowering our unsheltered neighbors with comprehensive care

We give those in need the tools they need for self-sufficiency

Our Homeless Services team removes barriers to finding permanent housing and wraps clients in a suite of supportive services as they work to re-establish their stability and independence. We offer case management, employment assistance, housing, drop-in services, community outreach, and more. Through our Kenton Women’s Village, Housing Transitions Program, and Street Outreach team, we give those experiencing houselessness the comprehensive support and resources they need to move forward and thrive.

Explore our programs by clicking the tiles below.

Housing Transitions

The Housing Transitions Program (HTP) is a relationship-centered program that operates on the best practice Housing First model. We assist in removing barriers to permanent housing and provide housing services to self-identified women experiencing homelessness, who are at least 25 years old, and do not have any children in their care.

Kenton Women's Village

Kenton Women’s Village is a creative and collaborative project, offering a new approach for addressing houselessness at a small scale. The villagers are empowered, have a sense of purpose, and take daily steps toward permanent housing.

DJC Oregon: Collaborative effort produces unique building

Posted By | Raeann Boero, Communications Coordinator
In collaboration with Truebeck Construction, All Hands Architecture, and Sister City, Catholic Charities of Oregon opens Chiles House, formerly known as The Annex. Chiles House has 27 units of affordable housing for Catholic Charities’ clients who are emerging from or at risk of experiencing homelessness. This project is innovative not only in design, with its…

Catholic Sentinel: Bequests can transform Catholic Ministry

Posted By | Raeann Boero, Communications Coordinator
What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind after you’re gone? Why not consider a gift to a cause you believe in? It this article, Sarah Granger, Interim Chief Development Officer for Catholic Charities, shares her thoughts and experiences with donors who leave legacy gifts. “’It’s people who are really in touch with…

Catholic Sentinel: Housing in works for Zomi refugees

Posted By | Raeann Boero, Communications Coordinator
Francis Kham came to Portland from Myanmar as a refugee back in 2015. Part of the Zomi community, Kham was persecuted for his religious beliefs and forced to flee. It was Catholic Charities of Oregon that helped support Kham and his family during their resettlement process; Kham now sits on Catholic Charities’ Board of Directors.…

Catholic Sentinel: Catholic Charities dedicates low-cost housing alongside headquarters

Posted By | Raeann Boero, Communications Coordinator
On July 19, Catholic Charities of Oregon opened Chiles House; 27-units of affordable and supportive housing. Chiles House is located right next door to Catholic Charities’ headquarters and its residents will have access to Catholic Charities in depth wrap-around services including access to food, employment support, financial education, counseling services, and more. Read the full…