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Leadership Opportunities

Catholic Charities depends on our region’s top professionals to help us bridge our capacity gaps and serve our community. From strategic planning and brand identity to management training and Board of Directors membership, we welcome the opportunity to partner with our community’s leaders for a stronger Oregon!

Skilled Volunteer Opportunities:

Contact us to learn more about our current project needs and where your skills align.

Interested in Board or Committee Leadership?

Lend your strategic volunteerism to Catholic Charities of Oregon by participating on our board of directors or leadership committees.

The Catholic Charities of Oregon Board of Directors is a mission-driven body which helps to set our strategic direction and ensure our sustainability for the benefit of Oregonians for years to come.

The Catholic Charities of Oregon Committees delve further into the details of our work and make recommendations to the Board and to staff on programs, fund development, governance, housing, and finance.

Our board of directors reviews applications in late spring and early summer for terms beginning in the fall. Committee applications are reviewed year-round. Apply today through our encrypted application below. For questions about board or committee leadership, please contact us here.

Download application

Our Leadership Committees:
  • Community Issues & Planning Committee
  • Fund Development Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Housing Committee
  • Finance Committee