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Salem refugee effort traces its ancestry to Catholic Charities 

Posted By | Raeann Boero

Salem for Refugees is a nonprofit organization located in Salem, Oregon that helps provide support and resources for refugees in the area.

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Professor: Philanthropy should be a relationship

Catholic Charities of Oregon came up in an April 13 evening lecture by Jordan Skornik, an adjunct professor of theology at the University of Portland.

National Volunteer Month: Volunteer, an Army veteran, stands out because of her dedication

Rock stars normally earn fame with sharp vocals or shredding on an electric guitar so loudly that it peels the paint off houses. Renatta Robertson is a rock star volunteer at Germaine’s Kitchen and Café whose tools include sharp knives, graters and peelers for vegetables. But her main implement is passion for service and feeding…

Math professor leaves his all 

Through Gavin Bjork’s generous estate gift, his legacy will live on in support of Catholic Charities’ robust social services.

Counting when everybody counts

Meeting people who are houseless is not new for Julia Paulsen and Caitlin Gleeson. As staff for Catholic Charities of Oregon, their weekly work includes outreach and encounters with houseless people in the busy area around St. Francis Parish in inner Southeast Portland. The pair bring water, snacks, socks and other gear prized by people…

Federal homelessness leader praises on-site services at pod village

A small federal delegation visited Catholic Charities’ Kenton Women’s Village in North Portland March 21, learning how the innovative tiny house model might be applicable in the region and nationwide.

Lunch among ladies

March 8, is International Women’s Day! To celebrate, we’d like to share with you this video and beautiful story from the women of Kenton.

Law Students Help with Learning

Students from local law schools who volunteer with Catholic Charities of Oregon Immigration Legal Services assist immigrants, asylees, refugees, recent arrivals from Afghanistan, and survivors of serious crimes, all while learning from the agency’s immigration lawyers. Students can earn school credit through an externship under the supervision of a Catholic Charities attorney or serve as interns.…

A note on Black History Month

God created all men and women in the divine image and likeness. So, all humans deserve high respect and great dignity. No one is to be held above another. This is another area in which we have greatly disappointed our loving God.  We could issue platitudes and overreaching promises this month. Instead, we’ll simply offer a…

In Celebration of Black History Month

PORTLAND’S CATHOLIC SERVICE COUPLE Some considered Bill and Gladys McCoy a power couple. We at Catholic Charities prefer to remember them as a service couple.      

Meet Catholic Charities' Board Chair, Rebecca Yazzie

Rebecca Yazzie has served on the Catholic Charities board of directors since 2016 and is current board chair. She directs the Master of Social Work program at George Fox University, where she is associate professor of social work.

KATU Season of Giving, Catholic Charities of Oregon

Catholic Charities of Oregon (CCO) is a proud participant in KATU’s Season of Giving. Yesterday, December 15, Executive Director, Natalie Wood, was a guest on KATU’S AM Northwest and had the opportunity to share about how Catholic Charities of Oregon is different from other social service organizations and how you can support your neighbors in…

Advent Reflection - Kathy's Gift

The season of Advent is one of darkness and waiting. We contemplate our holy longings for wholeness and peace. We yearn for God to appear in our everyday lives. We sing “O Come O Come Emmanuel” with trust that God enters our world again and again, making whole all that is broken, through love. Our…