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Salem refugee effort traces its ancestry to Catholic Charities 

Posted By | Raeann Boero

Salem for Refugees is a nonprofit organization located in Salem, Oregon that helps provide support and resources for refugees in the area.

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Parents learn ons and offs of cloth diapers

Urgent need: Baby wipes  When young families go shopping, Catholic Charities of Oregon wants to make sure they don’t need to choose between food and diapers. That’s why the agency is grateful for the support of PDX Diaper Bank, which provides boxes of free diapers for families being helped by Catholic Charities’ Refugee & Family…


Union soldiers, many of them Black, marched to plantations across the American South in 1863 and loudly read the Emancipation Proclamation. Slaves in Confederate states were free. But not everyone was liberated promptly in places still under Confederate control. That included my home state of Texas, where Union troops didn’t arrive in force until June…

Construction starts on 137 Units of affordable housing in Northeast Portland

Leaders from real estate firm Related Northwest, Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) and Catholic Charities of Oregon joined funders from Metro, Portland Housing Bureau and Oregon Housing & Community Services June 12 to mark the start of construction of Glisan Landing, 137 units of affordable housing in Northeast Portland.

The unique vision of a leading expert on gang intervention and what it can mean for all of society

Seeking to heal and elevate public discourse on social issues, Catholic Charities of Oregon is hosting a talk by a widely celebrated minister to former gang members. Father Greg Boyle often says amid cultural debates: “There is no us and them, only us.”

Monastery property to continue as space for service and love

MOUNT ANGEL — Like many of Oregon’s elders, the Benedictine Sisters are downsizing. They are selling the four-story monastery that has housed generations of nuns since 1888. They have bequeathed most of their ministries to younger hands. By the end of May, all the remaining sisters will have moved from their 30-acre campus to nearby…

Catholic Charities buildings named finalists for prize

Two Catholic Charities housing developments are up for awards in the 2023 TopProjects competition. The Daily Journal of Commerce contest recognizes the best buildings put up in the past year in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Catholic Charities lauded for fire recovery work

SALEM — Since late 2020, Oregon has provided long-term shelter in Jackson County to survivors of the 2020 Labor Day wildfires. With the help of organizations like Catholic Charities of Oregon, remaining survivors this spring were able to move out of shelters into their own homes.

Portland philanthropist receives agency's highest honor

Catholic Charities lauds Joe Weston at fundraising gala, a night that raised more than $600,000 for the neediest Oregonians.

Professor: Philanthropy should be a relationship

Catholic Charities of Oregon came up in an April 13 evening lecture by Jordan Skornik, an adjunct professor of theology at the University of Portland.

National Volunteer Month: Volunteer, an Army veteran, stands out because of her dedication

Rock stars normally earn fame with sharp vocals or shredding on an electric guitar so loudly that it peels the paint off houses. Renatta Robertson is a rock star volunteer at Germaine’s Kitchen and Café whose tools include sharp knives, graters and peelers for vegetables. But her main implement is passion for service and feeding…

Counting when everybody counts

Meeting people who are houseless is not new for Julia Paulsen and Caitlin Gleeson. As staff for Catholic Charities of Oregon, their weekly work includes outreach and encounters with houseless people in the busy area around St. Francis Parish in inner Southeast Portland. The pair bring water, snacks, socks and other gear prized by people…

Federal homelessness leader praises on-site services at pod village

A small federal delegation visited Catholic Charities’ Kenton Women’s Village in North Portland March 21, learning how the innovative tiny house model might be applicable in the region and nationwide.