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Portland Business Journal: Nonprofits-Oregon's Most Admired Companies of 2021

Posted by | Raeann Boero, Communications Coordinator

On Friday December 10th, Portland Business Journal announced the recipients for this year’s Most Admired nonprofits in Oregon.

Catholic Charities of Oregon has been recognized for the fifth consecutive year! We have made great efforts in the past few years to build up our awareness in the community and expand our programs and services. Over 3,000 CEOs and executives in the region voted, and this year we are ranked as the second most admired nonprofit in Oregon. We are incredibly grateful and proud of our efforts.
Watch the video of Executive Director, Rick Birkel’s, presentation at the event:
Thank you to all of our staff, volunteers, donors, and other supporters who make our work possible. Thank you Portland Business Journal for this award, we are honored.