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Fox 12 Oregon: Germaine's Kitchen and Café feeds community members in need

Posted by | Raeann Boero, Communications Coordinator

Germaine’s Kitchen and Café was featured on Good Day Oregon!

Reporter Ayo Elise had the opportunity to talk with Executive Chef and Lead Instructor, Jon Wirtis, to learn more about our culinary workforce development program, Germaine’s Kitchen and Café. She also met one of the program’s current students, Timmy Mair, who is encouraging anyone interested in the program to apply and give it a try!

Watch the full video here: https://www.kptv.com/news/germaines-kitchen-and-caf-feeds-community-members-in-need/article_dd3f2472-5db5-11ec-b0ae-f351850ca99f.html

Interested in applying for our program or know someone who is? We are now accepting applications for our Spring session! For more information click here: https://www.catholiccharitiesoregon.org/services/food-services/germaines-kitchen-and-cafe/