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Holidays without Hunger

Posted by | Raeann Boero, Communications Coordinator

On Wednesday, December 8 , a small group from Catholic Charities of Oregon made a visit to Mary’s Woods at Marylhurst, a Senior Living Community in Lake Oswego, for their Holidays Without Hunger event.

Mary’s Woods invited their residents to a six-shift event, each shift with a presentation from a nonprofit organization combatting food insecurity in the area. During and after each presentation, Mary’s Woods residents and other volunteers packed tens of thousands of hearty ready to cook soup packets for those in need in our community.
The last presentation of the night was given by our very own Chef Jon highlighting our Germaine’s Kitchen and Café. The students of the program prepared an enticing platter of GF cookies to share with the residents as well.
After his presentation Chef Jon, along with program visionary Lori Bauman and Germaine’s Marketplace manager Kelsey Allan, rolled up their sleeves and got to work alongside the other volunteers.
All the materials and ingredients were provided by Meals of Hope, an organization based in Florida that provides meal packing opportunities all over the country to feed individuals facing food insecurity. A portion of the meals packed on Wednesday will be going into Germaine’s Kitchen and Café holiday meal boxes for our unhoused neighbors.
Thank you Meals of Hope and Mary’s Woods for putting on this incredible event and shout out to Germaine’s Kitchen and Café for all the incredible work you do!