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Catholic Sentinel: Catholic Charities a partner in NE Portland apartment project

Posted by | Raeann Boero

“By summer 2024, a private-public development team hopes to have 137 low-cost apartments ready on a large urban parcel that formerly housed a Christian television station. Catholic Charities of Oregon is playing a key role.”

“The project at Northeast 74th and Glisan in Portland, a mile north of Ascension Parish, is one of nine the Portland Housing Bureau recently recommended for funding from Metro’s Affordable Housing Bond, a $652.8 million measure passed by voters in 2018. The projects are meant to address Portland’s severe housing crisis, made unmistakable by tent encampments around the city.

Catholic Charities, which has become a favored housing partner of local governments, will be part owner of a 41-unit building and provide on-site case management and other services to help formerly homeless residents gain stability and remain housed. The second building, with 96 units for families, will be owned in part and operated by the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization. The two organizations plan to share insights and their particular expertise. Related Northwest, which specializes in affordable housing, is lead developer.

High rents leave Portland-area families struggling, said Travis Phillips, who leads housing efforts at Catholic Charities of Oregon. Housing costs, combined with mental illness and other factors that lead to homelessness, have left the region feeling chaotic, he said.”

Read full article: https://catholicsentinel.org/Content/News/Local/Article/Catholic-Charities-a-partner-in-NE-Portland-apartment-project/2/35/44617