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Lighthouse Financial Foundation to take over Catholic Charities financial coaching program

Posted by | Catholic Charities Communications

VANCOUVER, Wash. – June 28, 2023 – Save First Financial Wellness, founded in 2009 as a social enterprise of Catholic Charities of Oregon, will become a part of Vancouver, Washington-based Lighthouse Financial Foundation effective July 1.

Faced with post-pandemic funding challenges, the Catholic Charities board recently decided to try to find a new home for the Save First program and focus on the agency’s core mission of affordable housing, aid to people experiencing houselessness, and settlement services for migrants and refugees. The agreement with Lighthouse Financial Foundation will sustain the program that currently provides financial coaching to hundreds of individuals in Southwest Washington and the Portland metro area.

Natalie M. Wood, executive director of Catholic Charities, is delighted that Save First will still serve the local community. “We are glad that people will continue to receive a financial education and the coaching they need as they stabilize their families,” she said. “As we help our clients progress, we’ll be sending them to Save First.”

Kim Capeloto, president of Lighthouse Financial Foundation, said that while Save First will move to Vancouver, the name and website will remain the same, and some personnel will stay on as well.

“Lighthouse is honored to be able to continue and expand on the great work being done by Save First,” Capeloto said. “We’ll manage the transition in a way that minimizes any impact to the companies and individuals that currently use Save First’s services.”

As part of Lighthouse, Save First will offer training and educational classes to families and individuals at a number of places, including Lighthouse’s locations in the Fruit Valley neighborhood and the foundation’s offices at the Bridgeview Resource Center. Save First also will continue to offer some online sessions.

Lighthouse and Save First both currently partner with forward-thinking companies to provide individuals and families immediate help as well as resources to address future needs. This assistance includes helping participants with key activities such as learning how to budget, preparing to buy a home, opening a checking or savings account, obtaining a loan, or improving credit status.



Created in 2017, Lighthouse Financial Foundation helps individuals and families take control of their financial well-being through affordable products, personalized counseling and services. Lighthouse Financial Foundation works with people across the spectrum of financial wellness, from single parents trying to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads to individuals nearing retirement age without the necessary savings in place. For more information, go to www.lighthousefinancialfoundation.org or call 360-768-6578.



Since its founding in 1933 during the Great Depression, Catholic Charities of Oregon has been a trusted ally of the poorest and most marginalized and a leader in finding innovative solutions to poverty and injustice. It is the official domestic relief agency of the Catholic Church in Oregon but is funded through grants and donations. The mission is to ensure that essential, life-changing services and supports are accessible to the most vulnerable Oregonians. For more information, go to www.catholiccharitiesoregon.org or call 503-231-4866.