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I’m interested in being a client at Kenton Women’s Village. Who do I contact?

Please contact Amanda Perrault at (503) 929-6686 or aperrault@ccoregon.org to discuss your needs.

I’m an interested community member or member of the media. How do I visit Kenton Women’s Village?

Kenton Women’s Village is a private community for fifteen women (limited capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic). Many community partners and volunteers worked to make the Village a reality, and have contributed time or talent or financial support to this important and innovative project.

In an effort to protect the privacy and preserve the village as a home, outside visitation is limited. Please call (971) 222-1880 to inquire.

How do I volunteer with Kenton Women’s Village?

You can learn more about our volunteer opportunities here.


Mental Health Awareness Month: Mental Health Tips

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It’s Mental Health Awareness month; a time for reconnecting and reprioritizing self-care, healing, and wellness. As you consider what that means for you, here are a few Mental Health Tips to reflect on.

Catholic Charities USA: Housing Initiatives Restore Dignity Leaving the Streets Behind

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Catholic Charities of Oregon’s Healthy Housing Initiative has become a model for other Catholic Charities across the United States. “At its heart, the Healthy Housing Initiative (HHI) is about seeing the dignity of every person. A person-centered, comprehensive approach to chronic homelessness, the program meets people where they are and moves them into permanent supportive…

Let's Talk: Talking to Kids About Money

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Most of us were taught never to talk about politics, religion, or money. As a culture, this old-school mentality hasn’t been serving us very well (see modern social/political discourse). We need to talk about these things because they ARE complicated topics. Ideally, we are the ones role modeling for our children how to have these…

Finances and Stress, Stay Calm and Save!

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