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Disaster Preparedness

On this page you will find resources for how to stay safe and take care during severe weather and natural disaster.


If you have been watching the weather report you know there is a winter storm watch issued February 24 at 2:58PM PST until February 26 at 10:00AM PST by NWS

Please take this advance notice to ensure your family, friends, pets, homes and cars are prepared.  I have included some resources below but in general think about: 

  • Light: Battery powered over candles 
  • Heat: Blankets, indoor heaters, generators, fireplace 
  • Water: Hydration is VERY important when its cold. 
  • Food: Ensure propane tanks are full if you need to use outdoor cooking appliances 
  • Car: fill up your gas tank and have a car kit with needed emergency supplies  





Disaster Plans