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Community Revitalization

Catholic Charities has worked for more than 20 years to develop, rehabilitate, and manage a range of affordable housing communities across the state for those in need.

Catholic Charities has worked for more than 20 years to develop, rehabilitate, and manage a range of affordable housing communities across the state for those in need. We provide affordable homes for more than 2,000 individuals, including seniors, children and families, people with disabilities and chronic health conditions, survivors of domestic violence, and refugee families. Our housing options include transitional villages, permanent single-family and shared housing, multifamily apartment buildings, and supportive housing.

There is, however, an immense need for much more affordable and supportive housing throughout Oregon, and we intend to be part of the solution. By working together and engaging other partners, we intend to create hundreds of new units of affordable housing and permanent supportive housing for our most vulnerable neighbors in Portland and across Oregon.

More than simply building housing, we aim to demonstrate how local communities can successfully plan and develop solutions for homelessness and the lack of supportive housing, creating livable social and physical environments that promote healing and inclusion. The Healthy Housing Initiative is deeply rooted in Catholic social teaching and our shared mission to provide help for everyone, especially for the most poor and vulnerable.

Wrap-around Support Services

Catholic Charities is committed to creating 1,000 units of affordable housing, including 300 units of permanent supportive housing.


On-site Case Management

Housing Stabilization

Access to whole-person health care

Employment & Financial Wellness

Food & Clothing Assistance

Immigration & Refugee Services

Trauma-informed Life Counseling

Recognize Resurrection

Posted By | Natalie Wood
Easter is more than a day. It’s a seven-week season focused on renewal and wonder. And Easter is also much more than a historic event. It changed history, infusing it with great patterns of hope. Your support for Catholic Charities of Oregon can help make sure that Easter just keeps happening, day by day.

‘It’s freedom, a chance to expand’

Posted By | Catholic Charities Communications
Catholic Charites refugee team partners with local organization that provides free bicycles More than 50 Portland-area refugees served by Catholic Charities of Oregon will be rolling through spring with new or refurbished bicycles, helmets and locks. That’s thanks to a consortium of cycle-minded nonprofits.

In the News: Catholic Charities seeks housing for 3 refugee families that just arrived in Portland

Posted By | Catholic Charities Communications (source KGW8)
This story highlights the critical refugee resettlement work being done by Catholic Charities of Oregon.  After greeting families and individuals at the airport from countries like the Ukraine, securing housing for refugees is a first and crucial step toward stability and healing.

Lifting each other

Posted By | Catholic Charities Communications
Throwback Thursday: Refugee family and neighbors create a transformative bond This is a story about a family from 9,000 miles away with so much gravitas and good nature that a Portland neighborhood has fallen hopelessly in love.