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Healthy Housing Initiative

“We are called to shelter the homeless and provide comfort and care to the afflicted with comfort we ourselves receive from God.”

2 Corinthians 1:4

Welcome Home

No matter what struggles we face in our lives, having a place to call home makes us whole. It is where we find warmth, safety, and calm regardless of what storm may be brewing outside.

Home is at the core of our humanity. It’s where we lay roots for ourselves and our families so we may begin and end each day together.

With a roof over our heads, life’s path forward is paved with greater hope and possibility. A home gives us freedom to heal, improve our health, pursue opportunities, and find belonging in a community.

Together, as neighbors in this great state, we must answer the call for those in need. For the love and support we give our fellow brothers and sisters is the light that connects us all.