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A mother holding her daughter and smiling

Statement of Catholic Charities Oregon on the Supreme Court’s decision to retain DACA.

Posted by | Catholic Charities

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is an immigration policy that brought security and opportunity to nearly 800,000 individuals who have been part of the U.S. community since they were children- aka “Dreamers”. Dreamers go to college, work essential jobs, create businesses, and raise their children. Dreamers are an essential thread in the fabric of our nation and society. Ending DACA could have destroyed all these accomplishments and cast a dark shadow on all these bright futures, while putting hundreds of thousands of families in fear of separation and economic devastation. But yesterday, that did not happen. Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision recognizes that their home is here in this country. Today, Dreamers get to stay home. There is much more to do to secure and advance justice and a pathway to citizenship, but today Dreamers are home. Catholic Charities Oregon celebrates the decision to retain DACA and stands with Dreamers in their right to remain here in our shared country where they have grown, contributed and been modern-day living examples of the ideals of our country’s founders.  We, at Catholic Charities Oregon, continue to strive to better serve our Dreamers, and reaffirm a commitment to walk in justice with them!

June 19, 2020