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The Only Future Worth Building

Posted by | Sarah Granger, Senior Development Officer

Catholic Charities is committed to creating communications platforms that allow individuals who experience racism and other social injustices to have their voices heard.

Today’s message comes from Senior Development Officer, Sarah Granger:

I am heartbroken about the brutal and tragic death of George Floyd, and I am heartbroken by the false thinking that some lives are less valuable than other lives. This lie is at the heart of racism, and it is a sin.

Catholic Charities has always been aligned with those at the margins, with the easily discarded. We go to the margins because we hold true to one truth above all else: there is value and sacredness in every human life. No matter what.

The homeless person is not disposable, rather let us see them as someone’s son, daughter, sister or brother – a human being once born into a family and still a member of the human family.

The undocumented immigrant is not an alien, rather let us see them as someone’s father or mother, a person who gives and receives love with a birthright to belong.

The brown or black person before you does not lack intelligence, goodness, trustworthiness or value, rather let us see them as individuals who possess the light and love of God.

It is time, again, to question and transform the assumptions and lies that are dividing us and killing some.

May our hearts and minds be converted by this truth and the truths that come from authentic and brave sharing and listening and healing. As a Catholic, I commit myself anew to transforming unjust and inequitable systems and to building what Pope Francis calls “the only future worth building – one that includes everyone.” I hope you will join me.