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Donating is far simpler than selling

Posted by | Catholic Charities Communications

Wonder if your car or truck can be donated for a good cause? Even if it’s an outdated or sad specimen, the answer usually is yes. And the benefits are significant.

If you have a vehicle you don’t want for any reason, consider donating it to Catholic Charities. Many people have found it simpler and more fulfilling to give versus selling. When you donate your vehicle, you’d be filling up the tank for our vital services: battling homelessness, building affordable housing, offering services to help people stay housed, and settling refugees who are escaping peril.

Here are some reasons people donate their cars:

It’s a junker — When a car has rust damage, doesn’t run or is just an all-around clunker, car donation is often the easiest option. In most cases, you can donate a car in any condition, even if won’t start. Here’s a perk: donors receive free towing.

Spendy repairs hurt — Repairs are expensive and are even more painful if you don’t really love your car. Donating your car means that repair worries fade, as does insurance cost.

It belonged to Uncle Joe — When a relative dies, it’s a challenge to determine what to do with belongings. An old car probably is not a keepsake and can become one more headache during a time of sadness. Donating your car comes with the benefit of having an agency’s experienced staff walk you through the process.

Making space – Cars take up a lot of garage space. Many donors give little-used vehicles to create some room and save time. It also creates good feelings. Maybe you hardly ever use it anymore – seasonal vehicles like RVs and boats take up the most square-footage.

Selling is a pain – Selling a vehicle takes a lot of time, forms and meetings. You need to haggle with strangers. By contrast, donating a vehicle is quick and clean. Our professional partners from Speed Towing will schedule a time and do all the work.

Trade-in woes – Trading in a car can be disappointing, since dealers usually offer only a part of the Kelly Blue Book value. Donating a car will create more value for a good cause than an owner could reap from trading in.

Tax treat — Donating your car to Catholic Charities yields a nice tax deduction. We’ll issue you a generous tax receipt after your donation is accepted.

To download a donation form, scan the QR code or go to catholiccharitiesoregon.org/services/volunteer/ways-to-give. For information, send an email to donations@ccoregon.org or call 503.688.2662.