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Catholic Charities distributes toys and cheer

Posted by | Catholic Charities Communications

Donors provided toys and Catholic Charities of Oregon staff and volunteers distributed them to about 400 children Dec. 11-12 at the agency’s headquarters. Central Catholic High School was a particularly generous provider.


“I hope that people experienced the warmth of our agency, that we’re welcoming and want someone to experience something like this,” said toy drive organizer Nicole Sherriffs, senior human resources manager for Catholic Charities. “I hope they felt welcomed, cared for and that our love for them is coming through and not just from our staff but volunteers as well. I just hope that they came and they felt the love and the dignity that we have for them.”

Parents could pick toys and gifts cards. Volunteers and staff wrapped the packages in holiday paper. On their way out, clients received a holiday food box.

Smiles filled the halls of Catholic Charities both days as clients, staff and volunteers enjoyed the interactions. 


Cing Sian Nem, a social work intern from University of Portland, and Jen Toohey, Human Resources Coordinator and Volunteer Services Coordinator, confer as they prepare for the 2023 Christmas toy distribution at Catholic Charities headquarters.