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Catholic Charities again among Oregon’s most admired companies

Posted by | Catholic Charities Communications

For the 6th year in a row, Catholic Charities of Oregon has been named one of the most admired non-profits in Oregon.

At a Dec. 7 luncheon organized by the Portland Business Journal, the agency was 10th on the annual list compiled after voting from local chief executives across all industries.

“It’s so gratifying to be recognized by our peers in the business community,” said Natalie Wood, executive director of Catholic Charities of Oregon. “It becomes clear that we operate best in Oregon as a cooperative community that includes non-profits, industry, finance and churches.”

Wood said she wants to share the recognition with Catholic Charities donors and staff.  

“We could do nothing without them,” she said.

Also recognized Dec. 7 were Catholic Charities partners Providence Health and Services, Blanchet House, Amaterra Winery, REACH community development and Onpoint Community Credit Union.

Catholic Charities staff fill a table at a Dec. 7 luncheon celebrating the most admire companies and organizations in Oregon.

Natalie Wood, executive director of Catholic Charities of Oregon, holds the award given by the Portland Business Journal Dec. 7.