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Zomi Catholic Community

The Zomi community in Portland is a predominantly Christian ethnic minority group from Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India. Intense religious persecution in Myanmar has caused the resettlement of many Catholic Zomi to Portland as refugees.

The inherent struggles of relocation and the trauma of persecution are compounded in Portland by systemic and institutional racism. One-hundred percent of the Zomi community in Portland are living below the federal poverty line. Catholic Charities of Oregon works with the Zomi Catholic community by providing technical support to end the cycle of poverty and enhance access to training, skill development, and secure jobs. We also assist Zomi youth in accessing Catholic education.

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Violence in Myanmar targets the Zomi community

The Zomi community has suffered increased violence and oppression since the military junta in Myanmar staged a coup d’etat on February 1, 2021. Tragically, children and youth have been disproportionately attacked and killed. In response to the violence, Catholic Charities of Oregon and Zomi Catholic Community Portland (ZCCP) held a multi-faith prayer service on April 17, 2021, at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in Portland.

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Contact Zomi Catholic Community Portland:
President Francis Kham
(971) 340-3975