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A bag of coffee promoting Kenton Women's Village on the label

Corporate Engagement

By connecting your staff with our programs and services, you can accelerate your company’s employee volunteer program and inspire a new level of local engagement.

Catholic Charities of Oregon invites local businesses and public partners to engage with us in our work.

Your business plays an integral role in making a positive impact in local communities. Catholic Charities of Oregon partners with your business to inspire your employees with opportunities that are meaningful and consistent with your values. We’ll even bring your chosen activity to you.

Find out more about corporate engagement opportunities by contacting us or get inspired with examples of our previous partnerships.

Engagement opportunities

Your staff can sort items or pack a few kits over their lunch break or catch a 15-minute presentation. Catholic Charities staff can to come to your office, provide information about the program, client population, or our other services, and facilitate the activity. Is your staff remote? We’re happy to connect with teams for presentations or activity kick-off chats over Zoom. For on-site activities, we request a minimum donation of $500.

Team Building

Learn about an issue our community faces and work together to meet that need. Read about our opportunities below or create something unique!

  • Prepare Lunch for the Women of our Housing Transitions Program (HTP): Catholic Charities can facilitate a discussion or give a presentation on our work and homelessness in Oregon via Zoom. Then your team can prepare a meal and deliver lunch to the Housing Transitions Program. Contact us for more information and scheduling.
  • Support Food Security: Support the efforts of our semi-weekly, culturally specific and responsive food pantry and distribution efforts to farm worker communities! We serve our neighbors and clients every Wednesday and Friday from 12-2. Your group would be welcome to come for a 30 minute presentation, 30 minutes of room prep and then help facilitate the pantry as long as there are patrons. OR, you could help us deliver food boxes to housing complexes for farm workers. Contact us for more information, drop-off locations and scheduling.
  • Tiny Home Turnover Assistance at Kenton Women’s Village: When villagers move out (usually into their own apartments!), some of the pods need some sprucing up to prepare them for the next villager. Volunteers will clean the pod, and provide updates as requested by the village staff (adding simple shelving, window treatment etc.).  Extra awesome teams provide moving kits ($50 value, more information available). Your team can come to the village, spend 30-45 minutes learning about homelessness in Portland and the solutions Catholic Charities is working on, then tackle the various projects the village managers request. Contact us for more information, drop-off locations and scheduling.
  • Package Hygiene Kits for Street Outreach: Collect and package small personal hygiene items and other comforts like snacks, electrolyte mixes, and new socks to be distributed by our street outreach teams. Contact us for more information, drop-off locations and scheduling.
Host a donation drive

Learn about the challenges our clients face and work with your colleagues to provide necessities for our community.

  • Host the Traveling Crib (Family Services): Catholic Charities will deliver an actual crib in which your team can collect and store donated maternity and baby items. These items support mothers and families in need who receive counseling and parenting services at our Family Support & Intercultural Counseling Center.
  • Collect and package hygiene kits (Housing Transitions Program): Collect and package small personal hygiene items and other comforts like snacks, electrolyte mixes, and new socks to be distributed by our street outreach teams.
  • Collect and package move-in kits (Housing Transitions Program): Collect and package kits to be distributed to new villagers of Kenton Women’s Village. These kits include new bed linens, towels, and some other household necessities, as well as personal comforts.
  • Sponsor a refugee family (Refugee Services): Collect items needed to furnish a newly-arrived refugee family’s apartment. This comprehensive collection includes everything from furniture to silverware. You or your team can help our newest neighbors make their house a home.
  • Support our Food Response Network (Food Services): Catholic Charities Food Response Network supports the distribution of hot meals and pantry-style food to folks in need. Your team could make sack lunches or help pack pantry staples.
For individuals or small groups

Connecting your employees with Catholic Charities in individual and small-group settings is one of the best ways to nurture the sense of collective responsibility we share with our community.

  • Matching gifts: Catholic Charities is on Benevity and Noblehour to make matching your employee’s time simple and effective. For more information, contact us.
  • Explore our open volunteer opportunities with our Pope Francis Center.


Email us at volunteer@ccoregon.org