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Food Services

As hunger and poverty in Oregon continue to rise, we maintain a pantry at our main offices and at our various housing sites so nourishment is never far away. Those who have food are in a better position to change their lives.


Nourishing the bodies, minds, and spirits of our community

Catholic Charities food pantries provide food access for Catholic Charities clients experiencing food insecurity including refugees, immigrants, older adults, and families who live in Catholic Charities’ low-income housing properties. These pantries include non-perishable food items such as canned fruits and vegetables, dried and canned beans, pasta, cereal, peanut butter, and condiments along with frozen meats. The pantries also stock perishables including fresh produce, bread and dairy when available.

If you are experiencing food insecurity, please consider the following resources:


Catholic Charities distributes toys and cheer

Posted By | Catholic Charities Communications
Donors provided toys and Catholic Charities of Oregon staff and volunteers distributed them to about 400 children Dec. 11-12 at the agency’s headquarters. Central Catholic High School was a particularly generous provider.