Update on Catholic Charities of Oregon’ Right to Exclude Participants from Kenton Women’s Village

Posted by | Deacon Rick Birkel

Portland, Oregon / November 14, 2017

After our meeting with the Kenton Neighborhood Association and partners last night, we are confident in our working relations and collaborative partnerships in operating Kenton Women’s Village. We will complete and share our investigation of the alleged illegal activity at the site by the end of this week. We have clarity from the city that, if determined that illegal activity occurred, we have the authority to exclude any program participant from the village for the violation.

According to Richard Birkel, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Oregon, “We sincerely appreciate the neighborhood folks bringing issues to our attention; it is core to our partnership that they have direct access to us through open communications and that we are responsive. And it is great to have clarity from the city that the operations of this village are in line with the operations of any other shelter, so that we can make quick and judicial decisions about managing it.”

Catholic Charities of Oregon has received clarification from the city that individuals who enter the Kenton Women’s Village are entering a case management program focused on finding and entering permanent housing.  Individuals in the program develop a service plan and agree to engage actively in preparing for permanent housing and follow program rules, which includes adherence to village rules and city laws.  As such, Catholic Charities of Oregon may exclude participants and remove clients from the village for violations.

Kenton Women’s Village includes a strong focus on self- governance by women who, along with Catholic Charities of Oregon, strive to create a welcoming and safe community where all participants are joined together in supporting one another in finding permanent housing.


Press Release Contact:

James Howell
Catholic Charities of Oregon
Clark Family Center – 2740 SE Powell Boulevard, Portland, OR 97202
(503) 688-2620 (direct) / Email: JHowell@ccoregon.org


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