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‘To build a more just society’ 

Posted by | Catholic Charities Communications

Portland law firm has been a stalwart helper for Catholic Charities of Oregon 

Foster Garvey, a prominent Northwest law firm with offices in New York and Washington, D.C., has maintained a longstanding and generous relationship with Catholic Charities of Oregon.  

The firm is advancing Catholic Charities’ immigration strategy, a project that has included meeting with senior management and organizing pro bono consulting services from the former executive director of Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.  

Foster Garvey’s partnership with Catholic Charities is made possible in large part because of the Next Chapter program, which supports retired and senior attorneys of the firm in their pro bono initiatives and community service activities. John Hoerster and Cinda Fernald of Seattle are examples of Next Chapter members who have devoted their time and insights to this important work with Catholic Charities. 

Foster Garvey also has provided advice and representation to Catholic Charities and its dedicated housing entity, Caritas Housing, which has acquired, developed, rehabilitated and managed about 1,200 affordable housing units across Oregon.   

Last but far from least is Bob Weaver. A former longtime Foster Garvey lawyer, he volunteers as general counsel for Catholic Charities. He and some of his past Foster Garvey colleagues — including Eryn Karpinski Hoerster, Tom Scott and Joy Ellis — are among those who have supported Catholic Charities recently, along with several others over the years.  

“Foster Garvey looks forward to continuing to serve Catholic Charities and its clients and communities well into the future,” said a recent article posted by the law firm.  

Natalie Wood, executive director of Catholic Charities of Oregon, is grateful for the expert and kindhearted help.  

“These courageous lawyers from Foster Garvey give of their time and expertise to help some of Oregon’s most vulnerable people,” said Wood. “Clearly, they could be getting paid by wealthier clients, but instead have answered the call to build a more just society from the roots. They deserve the thanks of our entire state.” 

Bob Weaver