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PRESS RELEASE: Catholic Charities Adds First Director of Disaster Services

Posted by | Catholic Charities of Oregon

Catholic Charities of Oregon added its first Director of Disaster Services to the agency. Jennifer Masotja, an expert in disaster response operations and a recent Emergency Manager at the Multnomah County Department of County Human Services, has joined Catholic Charities as the Director of Disaster Services, announced Deacon Rick Birkel, Ph.D., Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Oregon.

“With the hiring of Ms. Masotja, Catholic Charities begins a new era in its history, and positions itself to take a leadership role in disaster preparedness, response and recovery in Oregon,” said Dr. Birkel. “Our recent experience responding to the wildfires and the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the urgent need to build greater capacity in Oregon to respond to disasters that will increasingly define our lives and threaten to destroy the lives of those who are poorest and most vulnerable. Ms. Masotja brings the experience, vision and skills we need to urgently respond to the needs of disaster victims across the State.”

Ms. Masotja will lead Catholic Charities of Oregon’s readiness, response, and recovery to disasters across the state. She will represent Catholic Charities with our local and national partners, county and state emergency management, and FEMA to ensure strong working and mission-oriented partnerships with all of the agencies.

Download the full press release here.