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Prayers for peace

Posted by | Natalie Wood, Executive Director

There are devastating developments underway in the Middle East between the Israelis, the Palestinians and Hamas. What a terrible tragedy it was and continues to be.

Catholic Charities of Oregon asks for your thoughts and prayers. Let’s pray for all the individuals whose lives or the lives of their loved ones were ended early by this horrific attack against Israel. Let us also pray for the individuals and families who lives were lost too early because of the horrific bombings that followed in Palestine.

Too many Israelis and Palestinians have lost and are continuing to lose their lives, many of them children.

Catholic Charities of Oregon prays for peace that no more lives may be lost, that no more people may be injured.

We pray that God impart a spirit of wisdom on our world leaders to guide us through this devastating time and into a time of peace, reconciliation, and truth. A time when we can meet each other with respect and dignity, guided in all decisions by the sanctity of all life.