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Donor Appreciation Spotlight: Chris Duffin

Posted by | Catholic Charities of Oregon

We are fortunate to have extremely generous donors and volunteers who give their time, energy, support and resources to Catholic Charities. As part of our donor and volunteer appreciation campaign, we are recognizing individuals and organizations who share God’s love and help to spread light by partnering with Catholic Charities. Because of them, we are able to bring vital, lifesaving services to our neighbors in greatest need. Here’s Chris Duffin’s story:

LMC Construction President, Chris Duffin, is also a personal donor and champion of Catholic Charities of Oregon’s mission to serve the most vulnerable. “We have an obligation and duty to give back to the community. It’s just a natural progression,” says Chris.

Watch Chris talk about who instilled in him the importance of giving and why Catholic Charities’ Housing Services resonates the most with him. “The first thing people need in order to succeed is a roof over their head and a stable household,” says Chris. You’ll also see Chris talk about what inspired LMC Construction to partner with Catholic Charities and LMC Construction’s role in the development of Kenton Women’s Village.


Catholic Charities of Oregon is honored to recognize LMC Construction as a partner in our mission. Like Catholic Charities, LMC Construction understands that dedicating themselves to every step of the change process is the only way to create strong foundations for lasting success. LMC Construction brings the whole community to the table for every project, from residents and engineers to government agencies, so every voice is heard and no detail is left behind. Catholic Charities’ work to support thousands of individuals and families would not be possible without LMC Construction’s commitment to the big picture and helping the entire community rise up together.

Thank you, Chris. You #Inspire Us.

Feeling inspired? Visit our GIVE HELP page for opportunities to help our fellow Oregonians find hope and strength as they rebuild their lives.

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