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Disaster Strikes, Faith and Unity Endure

Posted by | Catholic Charities of Oregon

Cynthia Molina, MSW, QMHP, CSWA, and Assistant Director of Emergency and Navigation Services, talks about coming together to keep faith and hope alive in the face of disaster after visiting Medford, OR, to provide legal clinics, hygiene items, and other essential supplies to the individuals and families devastated by the recent wildfires.

“How do we move forward? Many people are asking themselves this question as they are being faced with disaster after disaster. First came the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to many in this community in Medford losing their jobs. Then came the wildfires just as they had finally started to get back on their feet. This time though they lost everything—their homes, their belongings, their paperwork that prove their status in the U.S., pictures, memories and so much more.

“But despite it all, the families that we met with still show resiliency, love, compassion, honesty and humility. We saw so many families being there for one another—a community in dire condition that preferred for those who may be in a worse condition to receive the aid and food assistance being offered. Many families that we met with in the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus pointed to the clothes on their backs and told us how the community had helped them and that as long as they have a meal to share with their kids and family they will make it through.

“I saw the trauma, the need, and the calamity people are having to face. But, I also saw the support that came together to help those affected by the fires. Save First Financial, alongside of Immigration services at Catholic Charities, are providing support by offering these people who’ve suffered unimaginable material loss with the possibility to request their immigration documents. We are also providing food assistance, help with the financial cost of finding a new home, and connections and referrals to much needed counseling services as people deal with the trauma caused by a year of disasters. The fires took so much from these families, but one thing that was very clear to us was that their hope and faith prevails.”

Thank you, Cynthia and the entire Immigration Legal Services team, for your dedication to our brothers and sisters in need. You can help, too. GIVE TODAY by clicking here and help those in greatest need rebuild their lives.