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Develop a deeper understanding about issues our community faces and learn how you or your company can get involved.

Change starts with awareness

Through shared values with our partners, Catholic Charities of Oregon works with companies and organizations to create public education opportunities around deeply ingrained challenges in our community.

Educational events with Catholic Charities are a way for your audience to hear many perspectives, and Catholic Charities’ place of good standing with partners allows us to bring panels of experts from partner organizations to the conversation as well. We want to share our expertise and help our community learn deeply about issues impacting their neighbors.

Explore our areas of expertise:

  • Refugee Resettlement
  • Immigration Law and the impact of policies on migrant communities
  • Low-income housing development
  • Homelessness
  • Mental health and trauma
  • Financial literacy and the impact of financial education
  • Catholic Social Teaching

Our staff experts are available to facilitate discussions about the numerous issues facing the vulnerable in our community, bringing value and critical conversations to your business, team, congregation, or group.

Interested in learning how we could work together? Contact us to start a conversation.

Our Previous Partnerships

We’re thankful for every opportunity to share, learn, and grow in community.

7 Deadly Sins

Thanks to an introduction from Trailhead Coffee’s Charlie Wicker, Catholic Charities began a partnership with 7 Deadly Sins, a story-telling production company and show. They hosted two shows, with all ticket proceeds benefitting Kenton Women’s Village. Each show featured storytellers, artists, and even residents of Kenton Women’s Village.

Deacon Rick Birkel and HTP Program Manager Jennifer Lucena speak at a 7 Deadly Sins performance about Kenton Women's Village

Immigration Symposium

Catholic Charities partnered with Portland Center Stage to host an Immigration Symposium to discuss the impacts of deportation and the critical work around removal defense.

Immigration symposium at Portland Center Stage

Theology of Migration

A deep conversation on why we do the work we do to serve immigrants and refugees. Linking our Catholic faith tradition and teachings with the needs of our world.

Homelessness and Housing

Small-group discussions about homelessness in Portland, and the critical work being done to serve those on the street. We’ve taken this conversation to parishes and corporate offices like our friends at Providence.

A homeless woman sitting on the sidewalk



National Volunteer Month: Volunteer, an Army veteran, stands out because of her dedication

Posted By | Catholic Charities Communications
Rock stars normally earn fame with sharp vocals or shredding on an electric guitar so loudly that it peels the paint off houses. Renatta Robertson is a rock star volunteer at Germaine’s Kitchen and Café whose tools include sharp knives, graters and peelers for vegetables. But her main implement is passion for service and feeding…

Advent Reflection - Kathy's Gift

Posted By | Sarah Granger, Development & Communications
The season of Advent is one of darkness and waiting. We contemplate our holy longings for wholeness and peace. We yearn for God to appear in our everyday lives. We sing “O Come O Come Emmanuel” with trust that God enters our world again and again, making whole all that is broken, through love. Our…

Catholic Sentinel: Volunteers amplify ministry

Posted By | Raeann Boero, Communications Coordinator
Catholic Charities of Oregon would not be able to serve our mission without our robust community of compassionate volunteers. We are so grateful for individuals who have a heart for this work and give of their time and talent to support our clients and staff. Many challenges in volunteer coordination have presented themselves during the…

Listening and Kindness: Revelations of God's Wisdom

Posted By | Sarah Granger, Interim Chief Development Officer
“When any one of us chooses to listen to another, and then responds with kindness, offering hope born out of our own experience of struggle, we reveal the wisdom of God.“