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Catholic Sentinel: Catholics asked to help refugees with gift cards

Posted by | Raeann Boero, Communications Coordinator

Catholic Charities of Oregon has been welcoming families from Afghanistan and helping them resettle in Oregon over the past several months. Catholic Charities staff have been incredibly grateful for the outpour of support from the surrounding community. One way people can continue to support resettlement efforts is by donating Fred Meyer Gift Cards.

“Catholic Charities of Oregon, the Jesuits and St. Ignatius Parish so far have teamed up to welcome eight families who fled Afghanistan in August amid the departure of U.S. troops and a takeover by the Taliban. For their safety, the identity and exact location of the refugees are not being made public.

Many who fled the country had helped in the decadeslong American effort to build a stable military and government, a job that may have put them on Taliban hit lists.

The families have temporary housing, and Catholic Charities is seeking apartments for the longer term. What the refugees say they need most urgently now is clothing, which case managers can help them purchase using the gift cards.”

Read the full article: https://catholicsentinel.org/MobileContent/Default/Homepage-Rotator/Article/Catholics-asked-to-help-refugees-with-gift-cards/-3/382/44572