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Remembering Lessons from Loved Ones on All Souls' Day

Posted by | Sarah Granger, Senior Development Advisor

In the wake of the fear and grief our community and the world have suffered this year, we gathered to reflect on the memories of those we’ve lost and the ways they taught us to live with hearts full of love and hope.

There are no adequate words when we stand before the mysteries of life and death, especially death. On Monday, November 2, as a Catholic Charities’ family, we celebrated All Souls’ Day with a virtual moment of prayer and silence. We lit a candle and we held in our hearts all those who have died. Perhaps like no other year in our lives, 2020 has been an unprecedented year of extreme hardship including the loss of loved ones in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent wildfires across Western Oregon.

Loss of life weighs heavily on our minds and hearts no matter the cause. On Monday we remembered loved ones, community members, supporters, and clients. We lost too many clients this year. Clients who struggled with the basics… shelter, stability, well-being. They taught us resilience, how to live with hope and commitment to community. They did not have easy lives, and yet that did not make their lives any less of a gift. Despite our grief, we came together inspired to live with hope. We are people who trust and hope in the resurrection and we are reminded of that on All Souls’ Day.