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Press Release: Catholic Charities Completes Renovations to Preserve 102 Units of Affordable Rental Housing in Southern Oregon

Posted by | Catholic Charities of Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 20, 2020 – Catholic Charities of Oregon has completed renovations in three apartment complexes under its dedicated housing entity, Caritas Housing Initiatives, that preserves 102 units of rental housing serving low-income and elderly rural residents. The renovations were completed in Hillside Village in Glendale, Ore., and Valerie Hills Apartments and Woodville Village in Rogue River, Ore.

“The renovations we completed for the 102 households that call these apartments home will ensure these seniors and families have a safe place to live for years to come,” said Travis Phillips, Director of Community Development and Housing at Catholic Charities of Oregon. “We’re so thankful for the hard work of all of our partners on this project and especially appreciative of the residents who were so understanding and accommodating as we completed this work on their homes.”

The properties were updated to meet current accessibility standards, and renovations included new roofs, siding, gutters, and new window installation as well as kitchen and bathroom remodeling on the inside of many of the apartments. The units in greatest need of repair also received new flooring and appliances, and Catholic Charities is budgeting to provide these updates to the remaining apartments. Energy-efficient upgrades were also completed, including the addition of air conditioning and efficient heating systems and installation of water-conserving fixtures that will help residents reduce their utility bills.

This project also supported local businesses and jobs. Across the three apartment complexes, general contractor LMC hired 15 local subcontractors, investing $1.7 million directly into local businesses. Further, $695,000 went to state-certified minority, women, and emerging small businesses.

Catholic Charities of Oregon purchased the three apartment complexes in 2018 and renovated them using loans that were guaranteed by USDA’s Multi-Family Housing Loan Guarantee Program. Additional funding was provided by Meyer Memorial Trust and Federal Home Loan Bank. Oregon Housing and Community Services contributed low-income housing tax credits and additional grant funding.

Catholic Charities of Oregon believes that shelter is a basic human need, deserved by all. To date, Catholic Charities’ dedicated housing entity, Caritas Housing, has created more than 800 units of affordable housing for more than 1,900 individuals across Western Oregon.

About Catholic Charities

Since 1933, Catholic Charities of Oregon has been a trusted ally of the most poor and marginalized, and a leader in finding innovative solutions to poverty and injustice. The agency is proud to serve all God’s Children as the Official Domestic Relief Agency of the Catholic Church in Oregon. Catholic Charities of Oregon is a member of Catholic Charities USA and of Caritas International, the global network of agencies that make up the charitable arm of the world-wide Catholic Church. The agency is headquartered in Portland at 2740 SE Powell Blvd. For more information call (503) 231-4866, or go to www.catholiccharitiesoregon.org.