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Honoring Veterans Day

Posted by | Catholic Charities of Oregon

This Veterans Day we are proud to partner with Carleton Hart Architecture to share the story of a veteran who is a resident of Caritas Housing, our dedicated housing entity for those in need of homes. We thank Dennis and all veterans for their service.

Catholic Charities of Oregon has partnered with Carleton Hart Architecture to complete renovations of three properties in Southern Oregon owned and operated by Catholic Charities’ housing development entity, Caritas Housing. The three properties include Woodville Village, Valerie Hill Apartments, and Hillside Village.

Caritas Housing works to acquire, develop, rehabilitate, and manage permanent affordable housing across Oregon for those in need of a home. To date, Caritas has created more than 800 units of affordable housing for more than 1,900 individuals across Western Oregon.

Carleton Hart’s work is community-based and people-oriented, so they always look for opportunities to engage with residents and hear their stories. For Veteran’s Day, Carleton Heart is happy to share a story of a very special resident who is also a veteran. Click here to read Dennis’ story, originally published on the Carleton Hart blog.

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

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