Rebuilding: Oregon Wildfire Victims Turn to Catholic Charities After Losing Homes, Stability, Livelihoods

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(VIDEO) Amid an already stressful year, thousands of Oregonians—many from immigrant communities—suffered trauma and devastation unlike many of us will see in our lifetimes. 

The Oregon wildfires razed entire towns across eight counties in southern and western Oregon, leaving nothing but rubble and ash. We traveled to Medford in September and October to assess the devastation, listen to victims’ stories and needs, and address immediate challenges. Watch our video to see how we’re partnering with parishes, people, and organizations across Oregon to help individuals and families rebuild their lives.


We don’t have all the answers and haven’t solidified our long-term response to this crisis yet. We are still working with local and national partners to grapple with the “What now?” and learning how our agency can best serve this community. But we are committed to developing our response and supporting our fellow Oregonians no matter how long it takes.

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