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Donor Appreciation Spotlight: Islamic Bosniaks Educational and Cultural Organization

Posted by | Catholic Charities of Oregon

We are fortunate to have extremely generous donors and volunteers who give their time, energy, support and resources to Catholic Charities. As part of our donor and volunteer appreciation campaign, we are recognizing individuals and organizations who share God’s love and spread Christ’s light by partnering with Catholic Charities. Because of our donors and volunteers, we are able to bring vital, lifesaving services to our neighbors in greatest need.

The Islamic Bosniaks Educational and Cultural Organization (IBECO) gave a generous donation to Catholic Charities of Oregon and we were deeply touched by the letter IBECO sent us along with their donation. Here is an excerpt from the letter:

On behalf of our congregation and community organization we want to thank you for your care and comfort for those who so often go without. We want to take this opportunity and thank you for sponsoring and supporting number of Bosniak refugees during their migration to the United States.

Dear friends and good people at Catholic Charities, please rest assured that there are people close and around you who have observed, appreciated and supported your selfless work and will continue to do so. In these trying times we need moments of solidarity, generosity and gratefulness in order to fill us with hope and inspiration, and remind us all that despite how bad things are around us, there are good people with beautiful hearts and open arms ready to challenge the negativity and stand, shoulder-to-shoulder, to show that love and goodness do prevail.

Samir Mustafic, President, Executive Board of IBECO, further shared: “Catholic Charities played a crucial role for many of my fellow Bosnians in their process of resettling here in Oregon after they were forced to leave their homes in Bosnia. We will always be grateful for your assistance and this small gift is just a reminder that we didn’t forget.”

Thank you, IBECO. At Catholic Charities of Oregon we wouldn’t be able to deliver lifesaving services to those in greatest need without the support of organizations and faith partners like you. You #Inspire Us.