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The Afghan Crisis and Response: What is required to make Oregon a truly welcoming place for refugees?  

Posted by | Raeann Boero, Communications Coordinator

On Wednesday, February 2, The Oregon Community Foundation hosted a webinar to showcase how philanthropy can support Afghan evacuees in Oregon.


Driving the conversation was a group of panelists from local refugee resettlement agencies: Matthew Westerbeck with Catholic Charities of Oregon, Djimet Dogo with The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization, Salah Ansary with Lutheran Community Services Northwest and Caroline van der Harten with Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon.

The panelists discussed how Oregon can support Afghan evacuees in the short and long term, the challenges and opportunities of rebuilding the refugee resettlement network after years of divestment, remaining inequities in the wider refugee resettlement response, the crucial role legal representation will play in the lives of Afghan evacuees and how the public and private sectors of Oregon are coming together in innovative ways to help Afghans rebuild after displacement.

To view the webinar recording click here.

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