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A whiteboard that says "Welcome, Volunteers"

Thanks for a Great Year, Volunteers

Posted by | Hannah MacFarlane

As FY19 comes to a close, Partnerships & Volunteer Engagement Manager Hannah MacFarlane reports on the commitment of Catholic Charities’ network of volunteers and corporate partners.

Catholic Charities’ Pope Francis Center is thrilled to report our volunteer successes as we wrap up Fiscal Year 2019. The impacts of volunteer involvement are visible in every program, with over 130 clients receiving direct support through a matched volunteer.

Over the last few years, Catholic Charities has worked to improve our volunteer systems to ensure satisfaction on the part of volunteers as well as staff who manage them. In addition to professionalizing our systems, we also have worked hard to bring these opportunities to serve and connect to more of our community members by engaging in fairs, the Willamette Week’s Volunteer Guide, and connecting with our corporate and faith group partners.

Since the launch of our online system in July of 2018, our volunteer base grew by 59% to 1,770 people, 443 volunteers and interns have contributed 14,386.5 hours to our programs and clients! That is over $366,136 in value added to our agency. This is the first time that Catholic Charities has been able to use a single system to report on these amazing contributions!

Our top contributor this year was Anne T., one of our amazing and dedicated cultural orientation volunteers. She supports our twice-a-week class for recently arrived refugees by providing classroom support, instruction, and general help and kindness to our newest neighbors. We are grateful for Anne’s use of the system to track her impressive 230 hours supporting Refugee Services!

With ambitions to continue to grow our volunteer base, incorporate best practices, and continue to develop meaningful ways for our community to connect, learn, and grow with us, we look toward Fiscal Year 2020 with great excitement and anticipation.

Feeling inspired? We need you! Find out how you can serve.

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