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Kenton Women's Village POD Build Challenge: Press Release

Posted by | Staff

Local builders come together to build sleeping pods for homeless women

Pod Build Challenge event to benefit Kenton Women’s Village brings together public and private partners


March 29, 2019 (Portland, OR) – Twenty-one build teams from the residential and commercial building communities are working together to build new sleeping pods for homeless women at the Kenton Women’s Village in North Portland. 

Catholic Charities of Oregon, in partnership with Andersen Construction Foundation, PSU Center for Public Interest Design, Joint Office of Homeless Services, SRG Partnership, Home Builders Foundation, Home Builders Association, Kenton Neighborhood Association, LMC Construction and others organized a Pod Build Challenge where volunteer build teams donate labor and materials to build one of three sleeping pod designs created by local architecture firms.

The Pod Build Challenge Community Day and Celebration will bring together all of the build teams who will be putting final touches on their pods to compete in a friendly competition in several categories, including ‘Best Innovative Use of Materials’ and ‘Best in Show’.

Judges will include current residents of the Village. The program will include speakers, judging and awards.

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