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Kenton Women's Village Celebrates New Community Space, Increased Health Care Enrollment

Posted by | Catholic Charities of Oregon
After a year of planning, the new community space at Kenton Women’s Village is finished! See photos of the project and the impact it has already had on villagers.

Kenton Women’s Village is proud of its work to help women find hope and create stability through its wrap-around services. Through the help of our incredible partners, villagers now have access to indoor restrooms, a new kitchen, and a large space for group meetings, classes, recreation, and essential health services in their new community space.

Previously, only three to four villagers took advantage of the mental health counseling referrals we offer through Cascadia Behavioral Health. Now that the addition provides room for those services to be on site, our enrollment in mental health services has reached 100 percent.

Thank you to our partners who made this amazing project possible: the Joint Office of Homeless Services, LMC Construction, the PSU Center for Public Interest Design, the Kenton Neighborhood Association, and our generous Catholic Charities donors and supporters. Now, the village feels a little more like home.

See more photos of the finished space here.

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