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Catholic Charities of Oregon Seeks Two Senior Leaders to Tackle Region’s Affordable Housing & Homeless Crisis

Posted by | Lauren Odderstol

As our city and state continue to experience a crisis in the supply of affordable housing and the increased numbers of individuals and families who are unhoused, Catholic Charities of Oregon is seeking leadership for its housing development and services programs.  Our aim is to rapidly add affordable units to the market, using innovative strategies whenever possible, and to develop the staff and volunteers who will support people moving from homelessness to transitional and permanent housing.  These two positions, together, will leverage community assets and bring to bear the unique assets of the Catholic Church and other faith communities in Oregon by working with parish and faith-based communities, health care organizations, corporations, neighborhoods and other invested stakeholders.

The Director of Community Development & Housing will be filled by a visionary leader who can continue the rapid development of solutions to meet the ongoing housing crisis in our community, including traditional transitional and permanent affordable housing, co-housing, shared housing, pod villages, master leases, etc. This position will be vacated by Trell Anderson, who will become Executive Director of Northwest Housing Alternatives in September. During his tenure at Catholic Charities of Oregon, Trell and his team secured approximately $57,000,000 for housing projects and programs – increasing Catholic Charities of Oregon’ total portfolio to over 800 units of affordable housing, serving more than 1,900 individuals.

The newly created Director of Homeless and Housing Services position will provide vision and leadership for a rapidly developing continuum of innovative programs and services that help transition people from homelessness to housing, support housing retention, improve health outcomes, and help housing clients build personal, family and community assets. This NEW leadership position will develop and lead a cadre of staff and volunteers who are highly equipped and energized to support people moving out of homelessness, into permanent housing, and increasingly taking control of their lives and their futures through asset development.

Click here to view the position descriptions.

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