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Catholic Charities' Executive Director calls for unity and action on Oregon's path to recovery

Posted by | Catholic Charities of Oregon

During Catholic Charities’ annual Celebration of Hope gala on March 13, 2021, Executive Director Rick Birkel, Ph.D., shared how Catholic Charities of Oregon has stepped up to serve our neighbors across the state of Oregon in more ways than ever as a result of a year filled with multiple disasters. Our vision to create a more just and equitable society, however, will continue to require the commitment and helping hands of individuals and organizations across the state—as it always has.

At Catholic Charities we believe in treating our neighbors as family. Times of crisis validate that truth, reminding us that anyone could suddenly find themselves desperate and in dire need. Our agency is committed to walking alongside those struggling to rebuild their lives on the path to recovery by providing financial, housing, legal, and mental health support, food services, and much more. That success happens only through the generosity—in all shapes and sizes—of our Oregon community.

Please join us in any way you’re able, so Oregon can continue to thrive and support and comfort those who call our state “home”.