Catholic Charities of Oregon is proud of our longstanding commitment to hands-on learning.

Our partnerships with academic institutions like Portland State University, University of Portland, George Fox, Lewis and Clark, and many others, allow Catholic Charities of Oregon to provide a rich experience for students of all academic backgrounds and majors as they hone their skills and encounter the space where study meets practice.

To learn more about internship opportunities, please contact 503-688-2689 or email Please be ready to discuss your academic program, and a preferred Catholic Charities of Oregon program that you want to intern with. We will work to connect you with the right program.

Please note that Catholic Charities of Oregon has limited capacity for MSW students, and may not be able to accommodate more than 10 at a time.


Starting your application:

  1. Send program contact current resume, and any academic program requirements or information
  2. Download, or send a link to, the Reference Form to your academic program reference (program director, internship coordinator, or relevant professor). You may be required to submit TWO references, check with your Catholic Charities of Oregon program contact.
  3. The reference should send the form directly to the Catholic Charities of Oregon program contact. Please provide them with that information.

The Catholic Charities of Oregon program staff will conduct interviews and make determinations on internship offers.

Once a conditional offer is extended, please complete the following:

  1. Background Check screening through Sterling Volunteers (an invitation will be sent to you)
  2. If relevant for your internship, an additional screening through CRIMS may be needed, if your program contact tells you to, please download the CRIMS Form and send it to the program contact, along with a copy of your ID.
  3. After acceptance of your background check results, Catholic Charities of Oregon will send you a link to register for your appropriate internship position within our volunteer and intern management platform. This will be the place that Catholic Charities of Oregon asks that you track your intern hours.



Reference Form


Equal Opportunity Employment Form

Mandatory Reporting Video and Acknowledgement Form

Volunteer Resources

How to Add Your Volunteer Hours: Computer

How to Add Your Volunteer Hours: Mobile


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